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Trinity College Dublin


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Networked Embedded Systems
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Higher Education Authority, PRTLI4 fund
October 1, 2007 - September 30, 2011

The next phase of embedded systems research is networked embedded systems (NES) where embedded systems communicate to form networks of distributed intelligence from the local scale, e.g. responsive buildings, to massively networked systems, e.g. environmental monitoring. This is a unique project addressing the issue of networked embedded systems (e.g. sensors) in a holistic way across the stack from chip design, networking, middleware, and service management. This project is being undertaken with a cross-disciplinary team in conjunction with groups in CIT, UCC, UCD and TCD's DSG. In this project, KDEG is furthering its research in semantic interoperability, semantic driven information routing and declarative means for adapting behaviour of individual devices and their co-ordination within a network.