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Trinity College Dublin

Tyndall NAP

Long Name: 
Incorporating and validation sensor capabilities into a pervasive computing simulation tool.
Project ID: 
Tyndall NAP
Funding Body: 
Science Foundation Ireland via the Tyndall National Access Programme
KDEG Contact: 
May 1, 2006 - May 30, 2007

Embedded sensors provide an electronically sensed view of the environment to application services which is used to adapt the service to users’ changing social, physical and user-task context. It is the user's perception of how appropriately that sensed context is used to adaptively provide application services that determines the success of the application. In practice, exploration and thus understanding of the interactions of a pervasive computing environment is only possible through trial deployment and user evaluation on a case by case basis. This is expensive and as a result a significant barrier to the development of pervasive computing applications.

This project will develop a simulation model of Tyndall sensor motes and integrating this into the PUDECAS simulator platform. The simulator will be extended to simulate propagation or presence of varying physical conditions, such a noise, heat, light, motion and humidity. These new models will be validated by comparisons drawn between our simulated model of TCD’s Lloyd Institute and a real deployment in the physical Lloyd building.